March 14, 2017

E'rrbody in America is Magnesium deficient.

Okay - not EVERYBODY - but 80% of us Americans lack magnesium which causes a whole slew of problems including: anxiety, bowel disease, heart disease, insomnia, migraines, tooth decay, asthma, diabetes, hypertention, kidney disease, osteoporosis, blood clots, depression, liver disease, nerve problems and others.
Why do we lack so much Magnesium? Because your food is only as rich in the minerals and vitamins and the soil it grows in. And in today's world farmers aren't going to spend the extra cost and time (up to 5 years) to properly treat the soil before planting crops. 
Mineral Essence contains magnesium and calcium and over 60 ionic trace minerals so it is easiest for your body to absorb them. Thanks YL for know what is so important for our bodies and giving it to us! Mineral Essence is also super good for those preggo mamas who are growing babies and stuff. Another mom tip: give it to your kiddos when they have growing pains, they will feel SO MUCH better. 
Note: this stuff isn't the best tasting, I put it in my Ningxia Red or orange juice.

This was the first supplement that I bought from Young Living and it rocks my socks off. After about a week of taking it regularly I noticed my sleep patterns improved and that my attitude was actually VERY good (which is kind of rare, don't judge me).

:) SUPP UP guys.

You can read more on magnesium deficiency here -


March 02, 2017

10 Ideas for those days when your head might EXPLODE.

1.  Go into your bedroom or car alone. BLAST your favorite song and sing as loud as possible. Laugh at yourself. Take a deep breath and tackle the rest of your day!

2. Eat something you LOVE and don't feel guilty! Enjoy every bite and know it was worth it <3 p="">

3. Lunge around your house for 5 minutes. Or squat / do jumping jacks / burpees / setups - for 5 minutes. It will take your mind off whatever struggles and get you motivated quick!

4. Plan a lunch date. With your spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend / best friend / co-worker. Lunch dates are a quick way to feel connected to someone you treasure time with <3 p="">

5. Sleep for 8-10 hours at night. Even just make special intentions ONE night a week to sleep an extra amount. You're welcome ;)

6. Spend a day DISCONNECTED. Yup, I said it. Leave your phone where it is, leave your laptop closed. Play movies on your DVD player  or lay around reading.

7. Soak in the bath or a hot tub for an hour! Pour a glass of wine or your favorite La Croix and relax. Bring a book / Kindle or set up your laptop near by for some Netflix binging!

8. Buy a magazine at the store! I know you oogle them every time you are in the checkout line. Grab your favorite. Don't look at the price - JUST DO IT.

9. Go to the library! Wander the isles and look at books that have interesting titles! Glance through whatever you want - maybe pick out an audiobook!

10. Pick out some bright colored flowers for your favorite room of the house! Fresh or faux, they brighten up the room and will make you smile every time you glance over at them!


March 01, 2017

Online Training - Starts TODAY!


Online Training is officially UP AND RUNNING!

You can jump in anytime you want - You won't regret - PROMISE!


February 27, 2017


After ordering my Starter Kit and diffusing the heck out of all my oils, I KNEW I needed more!


I've made a list of my favorite 5 items to ALWAYS have in stock (outside of the kit oils, because really, I am ALWAYS going to need ALL the oils in the kit).

Have I mentioned this lovely oil before? DEFINITELY. Because it's magical. There are a bunch of verses in the Bible that even mention how wonderful cedar wood is! Apparently everyone who was anyone used cedar to build with ;)  This magnificent oil and whisked me off to amazing slumber more times than I can count due to its support of the pineal gland, which releases melatonin! I recently have been using it to grow mermaid hair (more on that in another post sometime I think!).

The smell of this sweet citrus oil is heaven in a bottle. When I inhale this I immediately relax and know everything will be ok! It is rich in limonene (google it) and is studied on its abilities to combat tumor growth. It REALLY supports relaxation and can also support your immune system. I enjoy it in my water, and they say you can add it to capsules and take daily as well!

This blend can have an off-putting smell at first, but it's effects are amazing and the smell will soon grow on you - I promise! It contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Blut Tansy. This oil can help calm and uplift spirits! People often rub this on their feet at night to promote easy peaceful sleep. We have been using it at night to combat coughing spells and keep a certain child in bed longer (EYE ROLL).

Dear sweet Endoflex. I have never held anything more fantastic in my hot little hands EVER. I JUST HAVEN'T. It is a blend of Spearmint, Sesame Seed Oil, Sage, Geranium, Myrtle, Matricaria (German Chamomile) and Nutmeg. It supports HORMONAL BALANCE. I try to use it during that special week but I honestly can't help myself and wear it on my diffuser bracelets or necklaces most days :) Bonus - it also supports a healthy metabolism!

And all the people who workout and get sore muscles rejoiced! This little roller bottle is SO GREAT for sore muscles and neck tension. Just roll it on and breath deeply! We also put it on our temples at the end of a long day ;)  It is a blend of 9 oils that are known for inflammation and pain relief.

There you have it friends. My favorite / will never run out of / can't believe I haven't been using my entire life oils.