September 22, 2017

What I've been HALFway reading.


I've started around 512 books over the last few months.
I haven't finished any.


Here's just a few -

Divergent by Veronica Roth.
I'm so excited to actually keep reading this. I loved the movies but feel like the books are ALWAYS better. I haven't read much of this one yet because I feel guilty every time I pick it up. I always feel like I should be reading something that will improve me. I'll finish it some day.

Simple Steps to Foot pain Relief by Katy Bowman, MS.
I started reading this one for clients who have foot / knee / hip / back / shoulder pain. Basically any pain. I love trying to help my clients more than what they expect, so bits of information I can soak in and pass on are great! Katy Bowman does a great job breaking down the foot and then gives some awesome techniques on things you can do to help your feet. I'm close to done with this one actually, and thats good because it's due back at the library in a few days.

Good and Angry by Turansky & Miller.
UGH. I've actually been reading this for about 2 years. Sad, but true. I read one chapter and get real motivated to be a better person and then glare at it every time I mess up #momlife. The book outlines some of the reasons you can find yourself getting angry, some tips on fighting off the anger and how to deal with those things with your children. I never thought of myself as an angry person until becoming a mom, and like WOAH. I need to read this book probably a million times.
I'm just always a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Diastasic Recti by Katy Bowman.
Katy is basically rocking my world with these books lately, teaching me all about the body and how to help it. This one is super helpful for you postpartum ladies and also a lot of older ladies and gentlemen that haven't done much working out. GUYS. This one is awesome too - gosh darn it. I need to finish it.

Blogging about these books got me all excited to finish these! YAY. Ok free time - you will be BOOK TIME this week!


September 13, 2017

At Home Workout!

This month I kicked my fitness level (and nutrition) into high gear! After taking this year to build my training business and explore the essential oil world, I'm ready to get back to my heavy lifting / pull-ups with no problem / squat everyday self. That also means I need to keep an eye on what and how much I'm eating to fuel my body properly for the bigger workouts I've started incorporating!

I have got to throw in a few at home workouts this week, now that Peanut is back in school (hallelujah) and I don't have to feel guilty for spending 45 minutes in the garage alone! Woo!

Here's a workout I did this week that I though you would enjoy (and it'll make you work pretty dang hard).

5 min airdyne bike/ warm up (or go for a quick 5 min jog/row)
20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible, basically, set a 20 minute timer and do as many sets of the following as you can before the timer runs out!)
- 25 Double Unders (or 50 single unders with the jump rope)
- 10 Thrusters (use any weights you have, full squat and press overhead)
- 10 Burpees (chest to ground)
- 10 Deadlift (I used a barbell, but use a kettle bell or dumbbells if you don't have a barbell)

This kicked my butt - I was still sweating 10 minutes after I finished! Haha!

I have an online group where I post 3 workouts a week - let me know if you're interested, we are always excited to have new people join in!

Have fun!


September 11, 2017

Make Your Body FEEL BETTER.

You gotta take supplements guys.

I'd love to say that our healthy diets are providing us with all the nutrition and micronutrients we need - but  - it just doesn't cut it. Eating a carrot with lunch, some salmon and a handful of spinach and broccoli at dinner isn't giving your body what it needs to stay above the wellness line.

Micronutrients are required for normal growth and development of cells (organisms).

2000 IU of Vitamin D is recommended for adults between 19-50 years old and double that for when you're 50-65 years old.

Guys. Taking omega 3's can help with depression. WHAT. (here)
The one I take has DHA and EPA as well as some Vitamin D & E. Also Clove - Google clove guys.

Friends, we are constantly being bombarded with pollution / toxins / emotional and physical stressers.
We don't get enough sleep / movement / sun and our bodies have a hard time keeping up with the pollutants we are subjected to! Vitamins and minerals aid our bodies deal with these stressors and help us maintain normal body functions.

I did some basic research and found this list of questions helpful when looking into taking a multivitamin.

- Does it contain folate? Some bodies have a hard time converting folic acid to be helpful for their bodies, you need folate!
- Look for extras! Hopefully the vitamins you choose have some extras - what I take has bonus tumeric, fruit and veggie extracts!
- You probably want Vitamin K2 (over K1 - because we do ge more K1 from our diets than K2!).
- If what you're taking doesn't have Vitamin D or Calcium - take those separately (especially calcium for women!).

Lastly, if you want recommendations for vitamins I can help you out! I take Young Living supplements because their quality control is amazing, they hold incredibly high standards for all of their product. They offer great discounts as a member, and I can show you how that works if you have questions.


September 04, 2017

5 Ways to get that Workout Groove Back

We've all been there.

You workout for 3 weeks, go out to dinner, grab a few drinks with friends, forget why you were going to the gym in the first place, lay on the couch watching endless episodes of FRIENDS and suddenly you haven't been to the gym in a month.

Here are 5 things you can do to get your booty motivated again!

1. Enlist a Friend.
 - Look, it's hard to go at it alone. Grab a friend and pinky promise that you won't quit.

2. Get on a Program.
 - Here's the thing, you're either going to go to the gym without a plan and walk around for 15 minutes until a cardio machine is available OR you can join a regularly scheduled class and hold yourself (and your friend) more accountable. It gives you an absolute time / place to be working out AND you don't have to plan ahead of time what to do! No brainer. Join a spin or pump class, a group class at our local small business gym (like Wimberly Training ;) ) or try out a CrossFit gym (I love CrossFit!).

3. Buy a new pair of Workout Pants.
 - You deserve it. I mean come on, you just found a friend to commit with you AND you joined a group / class of some sort. TREAT YO'SELF.

4. Eat a Salad.
 - Remind your body what its like to eat for fuel and not for fun. After your salad (filled with delicious healthy fats and multiple types of greens and proteins), treat yourself with a 15 min yoga session from Yoga with Adrienne or the ToneItUp girls. Then prep a salad for tomorrow's lunch. Girl, you got this. While you're at it, prep a few more salads and make some egg white muffins loaded with veggies to keep your diet on point for the week.

5. Wake up and Workout.
 - It will suck. Like. Really suck. But - WAKE UP, GO PEE, THEN DROP AND GIVE ME 20! Sit-ups / Squats / Push-ups / Burpees / Lunges. There. Now you've already reminded your body to move more today and you'll feel better. PROMISE.

Now GO, call / text / email someone and get them to come with you to the gym tomorrow.