July 31, 2011

I've been a busy bee.

So busy in fact that I haven't had time to blog!  Or maybe I've not been too busy but instead have been unable to steal my husbands computer long enough to attach some photos!  Here is a run down from the last two weeks in photos!

My husband looking good at a church picnic :)

Part of a wedding gift from Michael and Melanie, the twiblings' parents!

What I made from that gift!  My scones were just a bit dry, I'll try for one minute less next time!

My new hair cut!  And a kiss for my husband,

The other part of my gift from M & M!!!  An amazing cast iron pan, and two beautiful le creuse casserole dishes!  Aren't they beautiful!

Our good friends Joe and Asena had their baby, Caedmon Hans Kurkinen.  Isn't he adorable!  I couldn't get enough of him!

Lastly my bestie Nicole came into town from Bartlett IL, and we went to Montage (duh!).  Yummy spold and umm...I don't remember what the other stuff was called, but it was delicious!  

So that has been my last few weeks in a nutshell!  Oh, btw, you know Julia at 551 East Furniture Design?  She did a give-away a few weeks ago and I WON!  YESSS, I know, I never win anything, this was so exciting!  I won a Ryobi Sander.  I can't wait to get it in the mail and get started doing something with it!  

Lastly, I just figured out how to add single pages to my blog (woohoo!), so I've been updating my 26 before 26 if you are interested in checking out my progress!

July 20, 2011

Just an update!

I don't have anything good to share today, just wanted to give a little life update! My new job at the salon is going wonderfully! Still learning but having fun :). Yesterday I got my hair colored, I'm a total blonde bombshell :). Today we are cutting it so I'll post pictures later this week of it! We will also be doing a keratin treatment to strengthen it and straighten it out a bit, I am so incredibly ready to not have uber curly hair anymore!! I also just decided to help Jen out by watching Bubba one day a week again, yay! I'll start that next week. Other than those few things, not much has been happening, Mark has been sick, I tried making scones and I finished one baby blanket and started another. Oh, and I'm 15 days behind on my Bible in 90 days, so it might be more like the bible in 105 days :)

Have a great week!!

July 08, 2011

fill in the blank FRIDAY!

Happy Friday everyone!  Even tho I work tomorrow, I still love that it is Saturday :)  I haven't done a fill in the blank for a while and I thought it would be fun!  If you want to link up to Lauren's blanks, visit her here.

The above photos are my next knitting project, the perks of working in a salon (free up-dos!) and my face. 

1.   My plans this summer include      a hopeful trip to the Redwoods with my husband!  We really want to take a long weekend, sleep in the back of the Element and just explore the coast here and down there a bit.

2.  The best summer I ever had was    last summer, it was my first with Mark, never EVER has a summer gone by so fast, but been so enjoyable (you spit, I kick!)!

3.  Summer is     hot days, sweaty nights, swim suits and a shirtless husband ;)  .

4.  My favorite summer food is   fresh cherries!  YUM!  I don't know why, but cherries just make me think summer and think happy thoughts.

5.  The best way to quench a summer thirst is with     a grande iced passion tea.  Maybe its because my man works at the bux...

6.  My summer uniform consists of       anything I want.  Usually my cut off shorts and a tank or tee, super easy and as cool as possible.

7.  The best thing about summer is     even though I am working it still feels like I'm on summer vacation :)  . 

July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!!

Today has been great, sleeping in, my husband made (and cleaned up!) breakfast and we wondered around downtown Portland for a while!  We exchanged a gift from kitchen kaboodle, bought a new knife, (threw out our whole block set!) bought salt and pepper grinders and found me a cute $13.99 sweater from Urban Outfitters.  We also tried some food cart deliciousness! But I was so hungry that I ate it all and forgot to take photos :(. Oh well!

We are going to a BBQ later and I hope they have some yummy dessert! It's all I've been wanting lately!! I found this awesome cake that will be on next years agenda!

Also, just as an update on my 26 list, Mark and I have done a ton of walking lately! Too bad it doesn't seem to make a difference on the size of my hips!!  I've also finished up one blanket for my friend Asena, who is due in mid-July with a boy.

Lastly, blogstalking is definitely my most favorite thing ever!  Today, I found the cutest little gal named Elsie.  I stole a photo that I thought was just darling, she has the most awesome tattoos of spools of different color thread!  I love it!

And this dress is just too amazing to NOT repost.  It's from Anthropology, you can find it here.

I hope you all had an amazing day / long weekend!