September 29, 2011

having a great week!

I am absolutely LOVING this week!  Seriously, I can't have imagined a better one (wait, unless we were back on our honeymoon!).  We had my nephew Asher over for the weekend so that my sis and her husband could have a few days to themselves!  We had so much fun with Ash, with multiple trips to the park, visiting Costco, playing with trucks and trains and just having funny little conversations with him. He loved the pizza at Costco...

Then on Tuesday we went and had dinner with the Goodwins!  They have the cutest house, and Alanna Goodwin, I'm nominating you for House Manager of the Year!  Seriously, she made us the most fabulous dinner and just the conversations with her were great, I really look up to her and all that she does for her family!  

Mark and I have really been enjoying our time together lately, dates for ice cream, snuggling on the couch, making dinner together..whatever it is, if its with Mark I'm always enjoying it :)

Something else that made me really happy today was reading / listening to Bex's Thursday lately (found here).  I love when people aren't afraid to talk about Jesus on their blogs and today she just said how much she loved her and her husbands job as youth pastors at their church in Phoenix, and how thankful she was for that position.  They had a 'see you at the pole' day yesterday and it sounded like the amount of teens that showed up really blessed her, which blesses me for her to share that.  Love it!  She has a great blog of style, home decorating and just fun life stuff, check her out if you are interested :).

What has made you happy / been blessed by lately?!!

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September 24, 2011

pretty pinterest finds.

Can you tell which color I've been oohing and aaahing over lately?

these can all be found on my pinterest.

September 19, 2011

Birthday Fun!

This years birthday was definitely one of the best yet! Mark was the sweetest, he got me a day at the spa, which was lovely, and he threw me a great birthday party! Here are some pictures from my day and the next day, a few hours with the Chapmans!

Mark made my birthday cake!  So yummy!

Tiff at work was sweet enough to make me look cute for my party :)

I found this little guy hanging out in the nail polishes.  He has good taste in color at least ;)
My handsome husband and I!

I just can't get enough of him!

Seriously the sweetest man in the whole world.

All sorts of colorful flowers decorated my home!

Cupcakes to match the cake!

Breakfast with the Chapmans at Lovejoy Bakery!

last but DEFINITELY not least, lattes & Elijah at Barista.

This was a great first married birthday, I can't believe I get to be with this guy forever!  I love you Mark!

September 13, 2011

6 whole months!

Yesterday Mark and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary! Also our 1 year 5 months and 6 day anniversary of our first date :). We skipped Jillian Michaels for the day and headed to Chevy's for some yummy happy hour margaritas! After dinner we went home to snuggle on the couch and watch the second transformers movie. I do not recommend it. It was a perfect night to spend together, I can't wait to celebrate every other month of my life with him! Here are some just a couple photos from the evening.

September 11, 2011

giveaway (not mine) & the past few weeks!

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  Its been hard to keep up with life!  The past few weeks have been full of work, Jillian Michaels, husband time and party planning.  This friday is the big 25 for me (yikes!) and Mark and I are having a party!  I rarely have parties like this, usually we just invite a few friends out for dinner or dessert, so this is exciting!  Anyway, here are just a few things that have happened lately in photos :).
Pink champagne with my girl Alex, a newly wed and one of my best friends!

Dinner and dessert with our pastors and friends the Swobodas!

A thai lunch with my love.

Out for lunch on Labor day with Jessica & Josh, visited this cute Asian shop afterward, beads galore!

Also, everyday I read my favorite blogs!  (I've created a 'page' that has all the blogs I follow!)  This week, Linda and Jill (from Rose a la Mode & Jill's Good Life for Less) are doing an amazing giveaway!  Check it out at here or here!