December 28, 2012

Reason # 006

Reason #006 why I love my husband -

After a long day of me sitting on the couch for the entire day (I know, rough) my amazing husband sent me on my way to girls group and then proceeded to clean the entire kitchen and living room :)

Oh man I love him.

Thanks babe for making up for my laziness with your complete and utter awesomeness!

December 27, 2012

Gillette Venus Embrace

I have been so busy (and crazy) lately that I forgot to tell you guys all about the Cosmo VoxBox that I received in the mail a few weeks ago!

I think the thing I was most excited about was the Gillette Venus Embrace package! It came with the Embrace razor and handle and the Venus & Olay cartridge (which can attach to any Venus razor handle). I actually already use the Embrace razor and I love the smooth feeling it gives my legs so I snapped on the Olay cartridge right away! I was kind of skeptical of it at first but as soon as I used it I was in love! The Olay soap makes the razor glide so smoothly across my skin and it feels amazingly moisturized afterward! Not dry or bumpy like some razors leave it.

You can go check out their website here for more information on which razor could be best for your needs!

I got these razors complimentary of Influenster but my thoughts and opinions are my own!

December 19, 2012

Today's the Day!

Yes today.
Today is the day that I repeat my first crossfit workout.
I'm kind of freaking out.
Cody says I should take off at least two minutes..I'm hoping for a little better than that!  My last time was 13 minute something, and I would love to be under 10 minutes!  I'll keep you updated!

Ps.  I've been taking pictures of my biceps to show you once they are super impressive :)


December 11, 2012

1, 2, 3 & 4.

1. Still not pregnant. Still hoping its soon.

2. Loving Fringe right now (the tv show). Mark and I moved everything from season 1 to current to our Netflix queue, so we are currently watching season 1 and the now airing season :)

3. Our Christmas tree is dead. Not drinking any water, needles falling off, found a whole branch under the tree dead. Sorry tree, I'll do better next year,

4. Staying overnight with an 8 month old twice a week is hard/not as hard as I expected. She fusses thru her nighttime bottle but will sleep until 4:30 or 7...if I'm lucky. I love her cute little face and her sweet smiles. She is always smiling at Mark and loves sitting on his lap or snuggling with one of us before bed. I can't wait to have an 8 month old of my own.

Happy Tuesday / Wedbesday!

December 07, 2012

Losing weight / CrossFit

A few weeks ago I started doing crossfit wod's with my good friend (and now trainer) Cody. We do three a week...I'll probably be transitioning to four a week soon, now that I'm getting stronger! It's kind of amazing, but totally the hardest thing ever. It's constant movement, maybe a 5 second break here and there but mostly constant movement. Lifting and jumping and sit-ups and push-ups and more lifting and more jumping. It's crazy.
But I have bicep muscles now, in less than three weeks of it...I've never had these muscles before, there is seriously a bump there people! It's awesome! And my calves, oh boy - they are just fab and have I mentioned that I have the start of a six-pack? Okay, it's more like just the top two but definitely a start :)
I'm officially addicted - and I haven't even attempted a pull-up or handstand push-up. My little arms are still working on push-ups!
So total weight loss is 10 pounds now, and I've lost about 16 total inches off my body - and my workout clothes fall off while I'm working out (so new workout gear is on the Christmas list). I still want to drop maybe 5 more pounds, although putting on more muscle is making it tricky, and I still want to lose another 4-5 inches off my body (mostly my legs and hips).
Here is a video to help you see how awesome it is. After you watch it go to youtube and search crossfit games and watch some amazing looking people do some crazy stuff.

And maybe I'll post some before and after pictures soon :)

December 06, 2012

My Awesome Mom

Have I told you guys about my awesome mom? First of all, she is the cutest mom ever! She is always happy and ready to help if I need it and sometimes we get to chatting forever and about everything :). I just love her!

Well I just wanted to let you know about her Etsy shop (PamelaQuilts) and her blog! She has some really cute festive things in her shop for the holidays (and she has no idea that I am posting about her)! Here are a few of her holiday items and a couple of my favorites!

Go check her out!
(All photos are from her etsy shop)

Love you Momma!

December 04, 2012


I can't stop thinking about cookies and cake and basically anything with sugar. Seriously. Then I accidentally happened upon this Pinterest page with everything my mouth/stomach desires. It's all awful for you. But look at it, it ALL looks amazing.


See you later.

December 02, 2012

From the Weekend

Here is just a peek at our weekend!

1. Picked out a tree topper! NOTHING is better than gold + glitter!
2. Pretty birds and a little sparkle.
3. Homemade tree ornaments with my wife life group girls {the husbands weren't much help}.
4. Candlesticks.
5. Snowman on a bike!
6. Knitting project, can't wait to show you the finished product!

What did your weekend look like?!