August 15, 2014

My BKR / Helping with Hydration!


Everyone knows how important HYDRATION is!  Well my BKR helps me stay on top of my water intake!  I absolutely LOVE my BKR bottle.  Its glass, so I'm never worried about any bpa's or other chemicals leeching into my water.  Its easy to carry around, because of the little handle on the lid, and the silicone sleeve makes it super grippy and easy to hold on to when your hands are full with children/groceries/starbucks/barbells.  PLUS its totally adorable and SO many celebs use it too :)

You can throw small chopped fruit in there if you want!  It won't ever stink up your bottle permanently like it would in a plastic water bottle!

See what I mean!  Its awesome!

Get your BKR at  They have a GAZILLION colors to choose from!

Also - some people struggle with getting their sleeve off and on for washing, if thats you HERE is a link to see how the founder of BKR does it!


August 14, 2014

Dear Unhappy Unmotivated Not very Fit Mom.

Dear Unhappy Unmotivated Not very Fit Mom,

Hi.  I know you.  I WAS you.  I got married and put on 20 pounds.  I didn't like myself and I wouldn't let anyone else get too close to me because they would see the real me...I didn't even know who the real me was anymore!

I hated public events!  None of my clothes fit me right.  I just wanted to eat ice cream every night and waffles every morning and thought I would always just be kinda fat.  I actually told my friends that I was just LAZY.

I know that you have no desire to work hard.  I didn't either.  Walking two miles a day 4 days a week did NOTHING for me.  I was tired of being worried that my husband didn't love me anymore, I was tired of being SO self conscious all the time, I wanted to be fit so that I wouldn't become obese during pregnancy, I wanted to be able to toss my kids in the air and catch them, I wanted to be able to hike more than 2 miles.  I wanted to be sexy.

So I sought out someone to help me and I found my partner for working out (my husband!).  I had a stomach-ache every time I went to the gym, I felt sick EVERY TIME for the first TWO MONTHS.  I cut out junk food.  I went mostly to the Paleo lifestyle.

IT WAS HARD.  I would even say that it SUCKED.

But.  Slowly. I started improving.  I got a little faster and I got a little stronger.  And you know what? My butt stopped jiggling as much.  So did my tummy!  I LOVED IT.  I wanted to lift heavier weights and run faster.  I measured myself every couple weeks, and each time there was even 1/8th of an inch gone I did a happy dance.  I kissed my husband!  I joined a life group!  I GOT A BEST FRIEND AGAIN.


I was dedicated to something - myself.  I found courage through God, who I had stopped asking for help.  He helped me SO MUCH.

Guess what!?  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Ask someone (me even!) to hold you accountable.  Find a gym community that you LOVE!  I couldn't have done all of this without Audacity.  Decide that you want to be happy and healthy again and then GO GET AFTER IT.

I promise, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


August 12, 2014

Name Change Game.


Since becoming a newlywed a lot has changed for me.  I gained weight and lost confidence.  I thought I wanted big things that weren't part of my being sane or joyful.

NOW I have found what I'm passionate about and I'm changing my blog officially to become more of who I am now, not who I was!

I want to help women who lost their confidence to be confident again!

I want to help YOU be the BEST YOU that YOU CAN BE.

I want to be able to share in joys and triumphs and loss and failures with you - keeping in mind that my JOY is found in The Lord, not in my body or in my family life or in the gym.

I hope you still want to be part of this life journey with me!

Comment below if you are interested in finding out more about my online training!  My online athletes have lost INCHES and already have gained an appreciation for a healthy and fit lifestyle.