November 30, 2010

the proposal..

So everyone wants to know what the proposal was like, and I can't blame you.  It was truly the best moment of my life.  Luckily, I'm marrying a stud, and he was smart enough to set up his phone to videotape the whole thing.  I've shortened it for your benefit (too much mushy gushy stuff to show the whole thing, wink wink). 

I guess I'll give you my story and then let you watch the video yourself :)

Mark had asked me on Friday if I wanted to go with him and one of his co-workers to get tacos the next day at a few taco stands downtown, of course I said yes (who doesn't like a good taco!!).  So the next day (Saturday) Mark supposedly got off work at 1, and texted me saying, to conserve trip time I should meet him at his place at 1:34.  Around 1:36 I pulled up and walked up the stairs to his house, opened the front door and saw him standing there.   Surrounded by tons of rose petals all over the floor and on all the tables, and candles everywhere.  I knew immediately what was happening (you can see in the video my face turns bright red!!).  He said a few things, and the entire time I was just standing there, staring at him, and no words came out.  I think he had to ask several times to make sure that I was saying yes :) It was probably the first time I was every actually speechless!!  It was so sweet, he had his housemates help him set everything up, and even make a meal for us to sit down and eat after I said yes :)  He put on our very first song (from the first week we were dating), and we sat down to eat.  


Unfortunately the ring didn't fit, but I was too shaken up to eat anyway, so we headed out to Maloy's to get it sized.  They finished within 20 minutes, and off we went to tell everyone we know.  Best day ever.  :)

November 27, 2010

the happiest day of my life thus far....

was today.
the man that I am in love with, asked me to marry him.
and of course I said yes :)

he did a fantastic job, everything was beautiful and perfect.
Mark has most of the photos on his phone, but here are a few for your enjoyment.  more to come :)


Our First Thanksgiving!

 Yay!  Mark and I survived our first holiday together, with both of our families none-the-less! We drove down to Coos Bay Wednesday evening after I got off work (at 3pm), and arrived in town around 7:30.  Not a bad drive at all, none of the roads were icy, so it made for a piece of cake drive.  That night we hung out with Marks family for a bit and then over to my parents house, and then Mark went back home to get some sleep.  I on the other hand stayed up seriously late with my parents and baby sister talking about God and life.  I love those kind of talks with family, and because I only get to see them once every few months, they rarely happen, it made my day awesome :).  The next day was Thanksgiving, YAY!  Oh my goodness I didn't realize how much work it was going to be trying to squeeze in enough time with both families.  I woke up early to have a 9 am (delicious) breakfast with Mark's parents, nephew and sister.  We ate crepes (apparently one of Marks favorite breakfast foods) and little mini wienies :) .  We hung out there until 11, made a quick trip to the grocery store and then headed over to my families house.  There we played Yahtzee with my little sister Shannon and my mom, then at 1 pm the Saints game came on, so we watched that with my dad until 2:45 when we headed back over to Mark's place.  There we ate our First Dinner, went on a nice walk, and relaxed in the living room, until 6, and then traveled back over to my house for Second Dinner.  Both were awesome, and we had a great time.  After dinner at my parents house we played a bit more Yahtzee (a favorite for the Boatright girls!) and then went upstairs to enjoy some music with my dad.  I love how excited he always is to play some of his favorite music for us.  He is a sweet sentimental guy, and his love for music (and his wife and children) is amazing.  While we were up there with my dad we ate some of the delicious pumpkin pie Mark and I had made the day before!  It was delicious, and I wish I had taken a photo! :(    I did however take photos of the yummy pumpkin pancakes we made with the leftover pie filling  (we added bisquick and milk).
Isn't he just scrumptious!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic Thanksgiving, can't wait for Christmas!!

November 23, 2010

i have a reason to leave the house again. :)

:)  because Mark came home!  haha, just kidding (but seriously).  He returned home on Sunday night and we got to spend all day yesterday was awesome.  We made our famous belgian waffles (which if you haven't had them, we need to make an appointment to have you over for waffles!), watched our favorite tv shows, got coffee from Starbucks, ate at Chipotle and went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I thought the movie was awesome, I think Mark was somewhat indifferent considering he hasn't seen any of the other movies, or read any of the books (I had to do a lot of explaining during the movie!).   We also made dinner together and then watched some more hulu, cuddled up on my big comfy chair.  I was incredibly happy all day long and hardly remembered that I've been sick since Thursday (although constantly blowing my nose kind of reminded me..)

So today I am trying to avoid doing my homework.  Even though I like doing my homework, I always learn something, and I never really feel that burdened.  Its just the procrastinator in me..ha.  Thanks Momma.  While trying to avoid doing homework, my roommate (Jana) and I decided to rearrange the living room.  I wish I had taken before pictures, because it just looks about 40 times better (even though it could still use a lot of work, we just don't have much to work with!).  But here are some after pictures anyway :)

Like I said, not that exciting, but way better than before.  

Okay, now I'm going to do homework, have a great Tuesday!  :)

November 19, 2010

fill in the blank friday!

helllloooo.  its friday once again, and today instead of rushing around to get ready for work by 11:30, I am sitting on my big comfy chair wrapped in a blanket, blowing my nose every five minutes. tmi?  sorry.  so have I mentioned how much I love Lauren's blog?  the fill in the blank friday is one of the things I look forward to doing every week (lame, I know).  Anyway, here it is!  I even used Lauren's picture for this week!

1.   My Thanksgiving plans this year will include       football with the family and LOTS of food.  Dinner with Mark's family at 3 pm, then dinner at my parents house at 6!  Yikes, I don't know if I'll be able to eat all that food!!

2.  My favorite Thanksgiving was   when I was really little, my family went to LA to celebrate with my Granny and Gramps (and most of the Boatright family!)  A lot of GREAT times :)  .

3.  My signature Thanksgiving dish is       I only make sweet potatoes, because its the only dish I can make.  Seriously.  I am not super creative or fantastic at cooking/baking/anything.  :)  Oh, and I guess I should mention that I only made the sweet potatoes once, because my moms are about 30 million times better than mine     .

4.  My favorite Thanksgiving food is     deviled  eggs.  Or mashed potatoes.  Or sweet potatoes.  Or the cranberry sauce.  Or the sparkling cider.  Hmmm.  Okay, I really like it all.   .

5.  Thanksgiving free association!      turkey, sparkling cider, dad at the dinner table.  Weird .

6.  Thansgiving is       going to be my first REAL holiday with Mark.  I'm so happy :)    .

7.  I am thankful for      my wonderful handsome, loving, God-fearing boyfriend, a family that taught me all about Jesus, friends that love me and are supportive, a roof over my head, the car that I drive, the babies I get to love on, the families that trust me with their children and my fish Maximus.  There is definitely more but I don't want to bore you :)    .

Thanks for reading!  And Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

November 17, 2010

this week has been...

extremely lonely.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but a whole week without the guy I love has me down in the dumps.  You would be too!  But at least I'm doing more of a few good things!  Like knitting!  Today I sat on the couch for at least 3 hours (after 7 hours of work, don't worry!) and knitted away.  I'm working on a baby blanket for Mark's step sister - Taryn - who is due in just a few months!  She is having a girl, so the blanket is mostly purple and pink with small amounts of brown and green.  I also have been listening to podcasts' more and doing a lot of cleaning around the house.  I guess Mark being gone isn't all bad, at least I'm somewhat more productive than usual.  

On a brighter note, I applied for a new job on Monday.  My friend Demi suggested it to me, and truthfully I'm REALLY excited, I hope I get an interview!  Leaving the kids I work for right now might be hard, and pretty sad, but this job is better paid, with benefits, and honestly, work has been driving me crazy lately, and Mark might appreciate having a sane girlfriend again ;)  Keep that situation in your prayers, I definitely feel God pushing me into something different, and this would be a great opportunity!

One last thing to talk about...that no sugar thing hasn't been working out very well.  :(  We both did well for about a week, and then Mark felt guilty about eating a blueberry scone and made me a peppermint mocha at work :)  So, although I haven't been 100% sugar free, I'm still working on better eating habits and less sugar in general.  

OH YEAH!  Shout out to SARAH, SHAKES, ART AND NAOMI!!  They kept me occupied over the weekend and made sure we had a great time, looking forward to my next power half hour! ;)
have I mentioned how much I miss my man?  

November 09, 2010

the 6th of November...

Was Mark and my 7 month anniversary :) 
It was a lovely day, I had school in the morning (in which Carly and I were in RARE form for our special guest professor, ha) and Mark worked in the morning.  We finally got to see each other around 2 pm, and exchanged presents!  I received these wonderful flowers..
And of course I purchased Mark an apple product :)  We then went and purchased green coffee beans for our roasting adventure and went to eat at Montage!  I didn't bring my phone in to Montage or into the bowling alley, so no fun pictures, sorry!  Bowling was awesome tho, I won the first game, Mark won the second....but MY total score was higher :)  (sorry babe, the people HAD to know!).  

Mark posted a photo of our roasted beans on his facebook, so you can check it out there!  So far this week has been good...looking forward to seeing my big sister tomorrow!  

Have a great Tuesday!

November 05, 2010

fill in the blank friday.

okay, this is just plain creepy.  today's fill in the blank is called
"the hair"
HA.  I just got my hair cut yesterday...sadly, much shorter than was expected.  I'll still rock it...just kind of sad.  anyway, here it is!

1.   My last haircut was       This Thursday...  .

2.  My most daring hair moment was       hmm...i dyed it black back in 2006, it was terrible.    . 

3.  A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is      definitely a pixie.  no way, no how.     .

4.  I've always dreamt of being a (blonde, brunette or red-head)    brunette, i would love to try it, maybe i will this year :) .

5.  My go-to hair do is      WAS curly and down.  Now that its short my go to is going to have to be straightened :(    .

6.  My biggest hair disaster was     either the black hair, or this hair... just SO SHORT..

7.  A hairstyle I am dying to try is       hmm..i don't know...maybe long long brunette hair :)  if only i had the 500 for extensions!    .

8.  My best hair day was       hasn't happened yet.  I will keep you updated!     .

9.  The worst hairstyle I ever had was   in the 6th grade.  my sister Joellen cut my hair..i kind of had a mullet...i looked like the brady bunch mom.  sad.  

10.  My hair is       seriously crazy.  there is absolutely never going to be any way I can ever tame it.  BUT  God must love curly hair...He gave it to me :)      .

Sorry this was such a late post!  I hope everyone had a great Friday and has an even better weekend!  Saturday is mine and Marks' 7 month anniversary :)  (yes, we celebrate every month).  We are going bowling, pray for Mark, I might beat him if you don't :)

OH and btw, the no sugar thing is going great!  Its tough, but I have a feeling its going to be worth it!  

November 03, 2010

no sugar?

So, last night Mark and I made a huge decision, I mean, a super MAJOR choice in our lives.  We decided to go on a no sugar diet for this month (excluding major holidays, aka, Thanksgiving).  Ha.  That means, no classic in my Americanos, or in my Iced Passion Teas...No peppermint cupcakes.  You get it, no sugar.  I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to do it, but I would appreciate all prayer :)  I'm sure I'll actually feel really good at the end of the month, and maybe have even lost a few pounds, so I'll keep you updated.

I will miss those above images more than anything.  *sigh.

btw, found motivation to get started on Jillian's workouts again, today is day 2.  (yes, I'm starting over)  :)

November 01, 2010


Halloween for Mark and I was pretty uneventful.  We ended up basically sitting around all day, watching tv shows on hulu and talking :)  At one point we took a break to go to the store to make food, but then we were right back on the couch again with the computer :).  Around 7:30 pm we got kind of restless tho, and decided to take a walk over the Hawthorne bridge downtown!  It was gorgeous out, and not too cold, basically a perfect night for a walk.  It was beautiful, and here is proof!

Oh, and here are a few photos of my twins and bubba in their costumes!

So stinking cute!

Well I hope that everyone had a great weekend, I'm looking forward to these next few weeks!