June 30, 2011

A job!!!


I got a job today! It's not a glorious job, but I think I'll really like it there! I'm going to be a receptionist at a salon called Bob Shop, they are located in the Bancorp Tower (hello happy hour at PCG!!) Anyway, I am really excited to work somewhere where I have motivation to look good and do my hair and stuff. I know it seems shallow, but I've never had a job where I was actually supposed to look good :). Plus, I get free salon services of any kind!

Monica : I know you are probably going to think I'm lame, and my new job is slightly pitiful, but that's why we have the you's and Naomi's in this world, to balance us out ;)

Mark : I love you!

Anyone else : Come to my salon so that I can chat with you while you get your hair did, or get your pedicure on or something :)


June 29, 2011

Something to cross off my list!!

I have GREAT news!  I actually did something to cross off my list!  And a few little things, but I'm mostly excited about the big thing!   I made jam!  Well, Joellen and I made it together, a few different types and ways, but it was fun, exciting and time consuming.   First, Joellen and I went and picked our own strawberries over at the Janzen Farms u-pick in McMinnville.  We spent about an hour and a half and got 28 POUNDS!   At .50 cents a pound!!   The best deal you will ever get!

It took about 1.5 hours, it smelled like a farm and we got a few bug bites, but so worth it. We got the berries home, and formulated our plan. Freezing some whole berries, freezing some sliced berries and jamming. We made several types of jam, regular strawberry freezer jam with pectin, gelatin jam-strawberry blue flavored & strawberry lemon flavored and lastly,  strawberry jam canned, I don't have to keep it in the freezer!

There were 12 cans total, I'll probably have to give some away because Mark and I honestly don't eat that much jam.   Anyway, it was an awesome sisterly day, and full of yumminess!  So glad I did it with my sister, it would have been lonely all by myself!   If you have any questions or want a recipe, let me know!!

June 20, 2011

26 before 26.

I love stalking other people's blogs. One of my favorites is Jordans blog over at trailergypsy.net. Today she posted her 25 before 26 list, and tho I still have a few months before I'm 25, I made one as well :). So this list consists of 26 things I want to do before I turn 26!

1. Sew a shirt.
2. Read one book a month (I'm gonna say 14 books, since I'm not quite 25!).
3. Make an ironing board cover.
4. Order our wedding photos and hang them!
5. Make a chevron tote bag.
6. Crochet a blanket.
7. Make or purchase an area rug!
8. Decorate the house more (paint, hang things, make things!)
9. Make a knotted duvet cover.
10. Find chairs for the living room.
11. Go on a road trip with my husband.
12. Become great at yoga.
13. Put all my recipes into bento (that one is for my hubs).
14. Go hiking more.
15. Do something scary.
16. Post more on my blog.
17. Go to a concert (or two) with my husband.
18. Make jam. Blackberry, strawberry, raspberry...yum!
19. Take walks more often.
20. Bake a yummy cake from scratch.
21. Do 1 diy project a month.
22. Go to Canada!!
23. Get a job.
24. Knit a blanket for each friend that has a baby.
25. Make more friends.
26. Drink more water and less soda / coffee.

Wow. That actually took about 8 hours to come up with all of them! Sheesh! Do any of you have a list? How is it coming along? I can't wait to get started on mine!!

June 10, 2011

fill in the blank Friday.

Yay!  I'm finally remembering to do a fill in the blank Friday again!  Feels like its been a while!  :)
No cute photos for you today, just some blanks.  If you want to play, link up with Lauren.
On with the show!

1.  This weekend I'm going to hot yoga Saturday morning, and then when my husband gets off work I will be spending the rest of Saturday and Sunday with him!  Also, sending out resumes, I need a new job!

2.  My last vacation was my honeymoon.  Sigh.  If only honeymoons were allowed to last forever.

3.  My next vacation will be probably going to IL in November.  A few weeks ago my Mark went to Ohio for work for 6 days and it was miserable, so I'm going with him on his next business trip and calling it my vacation.

4.  My favorite way to relax is sitting on the couch with ice cream or popcorn and watching a movie / tv show with my husband.  I think I might be able to incorporate the word husband into every answer here :).

5.  When vacationing one should always bring tampons, just in case :).

6.  When vacationing one shoud never start a fight with the person they are traveling with.  Also, make sure to stay in on at least one night, or you won't feel like it was a vacation, it will just feel like you were running around like a crazy person.

7.  The best part about a vacation is you get the undivided attention of your spouse.  Okay, I suppose that isn't true in all cases, but it was for my last vacation and that was definitely my favorite part!

I hope you all have a fab weekend :)

June 07, 2011

551 East Furniture Design is doing a giveaway!!!!

Cash give-away!

The best kind of give-away. And I'm not gonna lie, I want her money :)

Plus she might just be the cutest housewife ever, with a crafty talent I only dream of someday having.

Anyway, here is a link to the give-away, and her blog, go check her out  HERE!!

worst decision maker ever.

Thats me!  I can't ever make up my mind. 
And I'm kind of unmotivated to work at this point in my life...so thats a bummer too.  So my first week of working full time didn't go so well, and last week I put in my two weeks notice.  No more Finnmark (phew!).  This Friday the 10th is my last day, and then I'll be on the job hunt, for something part time & that is loads of fun.  I realize jobs aren't usually loads of fun, but I'm pretty sure that if I can find one that at least has happy people there, and its something that I can get a discount on items that I love,THEN it will be worth it :) 

My awesome husband has been super extremely supportive during my work issues, it makes me love him even more.  He doesn't want me to work somewhere that makes me unhappy (neither does Steve-dad so thats awesome too!). 

Anyway, lets hope I find something before the end of June so that we can pay bills and eat and stuff like that :)