February 06, 2016

guilty pleasures anyone?

Guilty pleasures are wonderful, no?  Here are a few of mine :

Backstreet Boys.

Lady Gaga (seriously, why is bad romance just a great song to dance to in the shower?!).

Gossip Girl.

knitting (duh)

pictures of babies and / or most kid related items.

cooler ranch doritos - Coach G$, can I have room in my macros for these PLEASE?!

any cookie that doesn't contain nuts - bleh.

anything gold / glittery.

what are your guilty pleasures?

that giant knit blanket everyone wants

You've seen those HUGE knit blankets that everyone is dying over, right?! I mean, they are really amazing - I've thought about making an enormous one for our living room rug instead of an area rug from the store.

One of my long standing customers (who has purchased multiple things from my shop) asked me if I thought I would be able to make one, so I gave it a go!

The materials are a little spendy, but these blankets are amazing - here it is!

Don't you just want to grab it and snuggle up!?

Honestly, it is THE coziest blanket I've ever made. I listed it on my Etsy shop in this lap blanket size, but I would be OVER THE MOON excited if someone wanted a larger size!  


February 04, 2016

Back at it?

I always have great blogging ideas when I'm driving, or in the shower, doing dishes, running a load of laundry.

You know. Blogging in my head because I have no where to write it down. Then I get to my computer or notepad to jot something down and BAM. It's gone.

What? Ugh.

Anyway, these last few months have been great. Hard. Unbearable at times. I know it has been exactly what it is supposed to be.

I have :
-Visited Chicago
-Purchased our first home
-Started flexible dieting
-Made some amazing knit goods
-Lost some friends
-Made some new friends
-Started piecing together who I am supposed to be..
A great wife. A great mother. A great friend.

This morning I got in a yelling match with my 5 year old (seriously.) and after 10 minutes in the car, completely silent and both of us fuming (duh) (oh and I was still fighting with her in my head because I know out loud would just be bad) it was time for me to apologize. This is not how I want her to talk to her daughter someday, or her husband, or her best friend. I made sure she knew it wasn't her job to make me happy and that I didn't have that expectation from her. I told her that her job was to be a happy little girl who was learning how to be a great woman of God and apologized for yelling. She was completely happy to forgive me and snuggle it out and we were both able to relax and have a great rest of the day. PHEW!

Praying that tomorrow starts better and ends just as well, and that maybe I'll write down a few of my blogging ideas (and maybe even take a photo or two)!

Cheers to getting back to writing.