July 11, 2012

Quiet & Alone

I sit in the water and I send ripples around me. It reminds me of a beautiful photo I saw of a woman and her newborn baby in a tub full of pink water. I lean back and slip slowly into the water until only my face is above the swaying warmth. I gently shake my head side to side and I feel like a mermaid, my hair is swirling around me. I run my fingers through it to smooth out any tangles and it feels thick and luscious, very well moisturized here under the water.

And then I hear my heart beating. Thoughts of laying my head on my husbands chest and listening to his wonderful heart beat fill my mind. I wonder aloud to myself if someday I will hear two heartbeats while laying under the water. I close my eyes and listen only to the drumming of my heart, speeding up slightly with each inhale. I notice the way my chest rises to the top of the water while inhaling, and sinks softly down with the exhale. My hands float over to my tummy, where I hope to house a child soon, and quietly pray for my little family of two. For my husband to be the amazing father I know he will be and that I will have the strength and trust I need to make it through whatever will come our way.

Sometimes you just need a morning spent in warm sudsy water.


July 09, 2012

Busy days.

Sorry I've been so absent from the blogging world lately! My days are full of McKenzie {the 12 week old I've been nannying}, my husband, and spending time with friends. Last week I had two 11 hour shifts with Miss Mac starting at 6 am, which means the alarm goes off at 5! Her sweet smiles and perfect cheeks make up for the early hours at least. Not to mention her 2-3 hour naps!

I've also been avoiding writing about trying to get pregnant. We haven't been trying very long, so no big disappointments yet, just a lot of wondering and trying to figure everything out. And so many varying emotions! One thing is for sure, that handsome man of mine is going to be an amazing dad once it happens, and we are so ready for the challenge!

I'm kind of begging God for twins. ;)


July 01, 2012

Reason # 1

Reason # 1 {the absolute top reason!} why I just really super love my husband is because he just really seriously loves me.

I'm not kidding. I could yell at him all day long, and he would just keep saying 'I love you' until the world ends.

{Note: I'm neither confirming or denying that this has ever happened.}

The ways this man shows me he loves me are innumerable. It makes me love him a million times more than I thought I could. He loves and loves and loves me and never gives up.

It feels great. Really great.