December 07, 2012

Losing weight / CrossFit

A few weeks ago I started doing crossfit wod's with my good friend (and now trainer) Cody. We do three a week...I'll probably be transitioning to four a week soon, now that I'm getting stronger! It's kind of amazing, but totally the hardest thing ever. It's constant movement, maybe a 5 second break here and there but mostly constant movement. Lifting and jumping and sit-ups and push-ups and more lifting and more jumping. It's crazy.
But I have bicep muscles now, in less than three weeks of it...I've never had these muscles before, there is seriously a bump there people! It's awesome! And my calves, oh boy - they are just fab and have I mentioned that I have the start of a six-pack? Okay, it's more like just the top two but definitely a start :)
I'm officially addicted - and I haven't even attempted a pull-up or handstand push-up. My little arms are still working on push-ups!
So total weight loss is 10 pounds now, and I've lost about 16 total inches off my body - and my workout clothes fall off while I'm working out (so new workout gear is on the Christmas list). I still want to drop maybe 5 more pounds, although putting on more muscle is making it tricky, and I still want to lose another 4-5 inches off my body (mostly my legs and hips).
Here is a video to help you see how awesome it is. After you watch it go to youtube and search crossfit games and watch some amazing looking people do some crazy stuff.

And maybe I'll post some before and after pictures soon :)

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  1. That is awesome Tracy! That is a lot of weight/inches for an already petite person to lose!

    I hope you reach your goals :)