September 11, 2011

giveaway (not mine) & the past few weeks!

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  Its been hard to keep up with life!  The past few weeks have been full of work, Jillian Michaels, husband time and party planning.  This friday is the big 25 for me (yikes!) and Mark and I are having a party!  I rarely have parties like this, usually we just invite a few friends out for dinner or dessert, so this is exciting!  Anyway, here are just a few things that have happened lately in photos :).
Pink champagne with my girl Alex, a newly wed and one of my best friends!

Dinner and dessert with our pastors and friends the Swobodas!

A thai lunch with my love.

Out for lunch on Labor day with Jessica & Josh, visited this cute Asian shop afterward, beads galore!

Also, everyday I read my favorite blogs!  (I've created a 'page' that has all the blogs I follow!)  This week, Linda and Jill (from Rose a la Mode & Jill's Good Life for Less) are doing an amazing giveaway!  Check it out at here or here!

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  1. Those beads looks like they would be so fun to play with. Happy early Birthday, Tracy. I hope your party goes off without a hitch and you find 25 to be a great year!