September 29, 2011

having a great week!

I am absolutely LOVING this week!  Seriously, I can't have imagined a better one (wait, unless we were back on our honeymoon!).  We had my nephew Asher over for the weekend so that my sis and her husband could have a few days to themselves!  We had so much fun with Ash, with multiple trips to the park, visiting Costco, playing with trucks and trains and just having funny little conversations with him. He loved the pizza at Costco...

Then on Tuesday we went and had dinner with the Goodwins!  They have the cutest house, and Alanna Goodwin, I'm nominating you for House Manager of the Year!  Seriously, she made us the most fabulous dinner and just the conversations with her were great, I really look up to her and all that she does for her family!  

Mark and I have really been enjoying our time together lately, dates for ice cream, snuggling on the couch, making dinner together..whatever it is, if its with Mark I'm always enjoying it :)

Something else that made me really happy today was reading / listening to Bex's Thursday lately (found here).  I love when people aren't afraid to talk about Jesus on their blogs and today she just said how much she loved her and her husbands job as youth pastors at their church in Phoenix, and how thankful she was for that position.  They had a 'see you at the pole' day yesterday and it sounded like the amount of teens that showed up really blessed her, which blesses me for her to share that.  Love it!  She has a great blog of style, home decorating and just fun life stuff, check her out if you are interested :).

What has made you happy / been blessed by lately?!!

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  1. Ash with that pizza is cracking me up. That slice is bigger than he is!

  2. Sooo cute....:-) Darling blog. I would love to follow each other. Shall we? xxx Emily of EL Vintage

  3. Hey, that was my first comment from you in what feels like forever! And yes, here is where I sound like a total stalker and admit that whenever one of your posts is up I read it immediately, but am terrible about commenting (and it's because I read it immediately and don't save it for when I'm going through my normal blog commenting time). Bad blog friend? Check.

    P.S. I'm jealous of all the hairstyles your work now provides you with. Also, I'm tickled that you are so smitten with Mark. I think my man is the bees knees so I love when other ladies gush over their guys.

    Oh, and spluh, I've totes been following your blog! And I totally say totes like it comes naturally for me.