March 28, 2012

One Year Down..

I can't believe that Mark and I have been married over one year now! So many things have happened! It wasn't as hard as everyone told me it would me, although there were a lot of challenges we both had to work through. For instance, I've had to learn how to cook and how not to hide my face when I get upset. Mark has had to learn how sensitive women, okay, how sensitive I am and how to think before saying something, and also that even if I'm incredibly angry at him, I still love him more than anything (yes, he just said both of these things to me). We are both so grateful for how much God has provided us with this year. We both have jobs we love, money to pay bills and a church community that loves us. We pray every night for guidance and wisdom, and just for God to continue to bless our marriage and keep our bond strong, He is our rock.

Cheers to one year of marriage, and many many happy fruitful years to come.

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