July 09, 2012

Busy days.

Sorry I've been so absent from the blogging world lately! My days are full of McKenzie {the 12 week old I've been nannying}, my husband, and spending time with friends. Last week I had two 11 hour shifts with Miss Mac starting at 6 am, which means the alarm goes off at 5! Her sweet smiles and perfect cheeks make up for the early hours at least. Not to mention her 2-3 hour naps!

I've also been avoiding writing about trying to get pregnant. We haven't been trying very long, so no big disappointments yet, just a lot of wondering and trying to figure everything out. And so many varying emotions! One thing is for sure, that handsome man of mine is going to be an amazing dad once it happens, and we are so ready for the challenge!

I'm kind of begging God for twins. ;)



  1. Your life sounds just like mine! Except we're lazily trying for baby #2. I'm so glad you get some baby snuggles though!

  2. I remember having the same feelings when we were ready to have both of our kids. I felt almost a sadness. And even once I knew I was pregnant, there was a wariness, like the blessing could float away at any second. I think I struggled with believing that God was really in control, and that I really deserved such luckiness.
    God has such a plan for your life, and it most definitely includes motherhood- how could it not?? Just hearing you talk about babies shouts what a natural mother you are. Just relax, trust God, and know that he created you for an important purpose that includes motherhood, among many other brilliant things.

    1. Kate, you hit the nail on the head! Its the weirdest sort of sadness, so hard to describe! Thank you for your kind words, its encouraging to know other women feel / felt the same way I do!