September 20, 2012

26 before 26 recap!

Sunday was my 26th birthday. *sigh.
It was a great day, pumpkin spice chai, my awesome husband made delicious omelets and mimosas, tennis, lounging, wine and an amazingly simple yet delicious dinner. My favorite part was just being with Mark all day, he is seriously the best choice I've ever made..I could spend all day everyday with him and never tire of it!
But I'm pretty sure I totally failed my 26 before 26. Seriously. I gave myself too many hard ones! So I'm just going to share the ones I actually DID.

2. Read one book a month {I'm gonna say 14 books, since I'm not quite 25!} Follow me at my Goodreads account to see my progress and what books I'm reading! I actually ended up reading WAY more than just one book a month, about 3 a month! I'm loving being able to spend time reading again, I've really missed it! Thank goodness the library is three blocks away from my new place in Tumwater!
4. Order our wedding photos and hang them! This I did when we were still living in Portland, but have yet to hang since moving to Washington. I decided the frames would look better white in our new house and I haven't gotten around to painting them yet, but the rain is coming so I will get on it, promise!
11. Go on a road trip with my husband. We road-tripped to Huntington Beach CA in March for our anniversary, you can read about that trip here! and here!
12. Become great at yoga. Okay, I'm not exactly great at it, but I definitely do it more than I used to, and I am in LOVE with it. I only wish I could afford a monthly hot yoga membership, its the best!
15. Do something scary. I actually think that I've done two things that are scary :) I went on a crazy roller coaster ride called the Aftershock (link to a video of the ride here!) and we've decided to try and get pregnant. Yeah, the second one is only scary when I really think about it, ha!
16. Post more on my blog.
17. Go to a concert (or two) with my husband. Idina Menzel (here!)
18. Make jam. Blackberry, strawberry, raspberry...yum!
19. Take walks more often. Capitol Lake is the perfect spot for walking!
23. Get a job.
25. Make more friends. Loving my Olympia ladies!
26. Drink more water and less soda / coffee. Did I forget to tell you guys I gave up coffee? About a month and a half ago, cold turkey! It's been pretty easy, however, I do miss it. Not the caffeine aspect as much as the taste of it. I am enjoying spending less money on coffee now tho!

I don't think I will be doing a 27 list, I didn't do enough of my 26 list to think it was worth it, I think it was harder actually coming up with all 26 things! Have you done one of these, how well did you do? Do tell!!

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  1. Trace, okay I think you did better than you think! After reading this, i was impressed! I'm shamed by how much you've been reading...that is an accomplishment!