October 09, 2012

Finally Playing House

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to actually act like I moved in and hang some photos on the wall. The black frames that we purchased for our old home didn't look quite right with our brown walls and bright white ceiling {that we cannot change}, so I decided to paint them all white!

First I went to Home Depot and picked up some primer {I used oil based but water based would work too}. I had to do two coats of primer and the two coats of paint, I actually used the same white paint that was used in the house on the trim and ceiling.

And there they are up on the wall! Mark and I were both really pleased with how they turned out!

{no, I didn't hang a photo of a box of tissues, it's a mirror!}

Hopefully I'll be getting around to posting more home makeover photos coming up!

1 comment:

  1. Super easy DIY project. Your frames turned out great! And the good thing is, the white frames will never go out of style :)