July 23, 2013

A kid, a coach and the best husband ever.

Hello!  My oh my has it been forever since I have blogged.  My brain has been too squished with life to want to sit down and write about it.  Today I have an hour to just sit and be, so I thought I should fill you in!

We still aren't pregnant.  We aren't worried about it!  A few MAJOR life changes have been happening over the last few months and I can just imagine how I would have reacted to them if I were pregnant or had a newborn!  First, Mark's position at the state was terminated due to lack of funds, so he has spent the last 7 weeks looking for a new job.  He got offered a position last week (YAY!!!) so he will start his new job in a few weeks!  Phew!  Meanwhile, I have been BUSY with nannying and coaching CrossFit!  Yes, I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (come workout with me!!) and I have been coaching 16ish hours a week!  My dear sweet husband has been doing SO MUCH for us around the house, I am legitimately worried about what will happen to us once he starts working again (for real, he cooks 90% of our meals and I can see us starving to death once he is working).  He also has been doing 90% of the dishes, laundry and household chores.  Okay, truth is, he gets bored during the day and why not clean the house (plus he likes it clean).  I will probably be fine.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Pray for us/him.

Second big thing is that we *might have the opportunity to adopt a sweet girl who needs parents to love her unconditionally.  We have been spending more and more time with her and honestly can't imagine life without her anymore.  We both love her so much and she really flourished while staying with us for a few days!

*I say we might have the opportunity because there are other family members that want to adopt this sweet girl.  There are home studies happening and the state will chose the family they think is most suitable for her in the long run, not just in the present.  We might not be parents yet, but I have extensive nannying background and we honestly are SO ready to be parents.  Mark is so sweet with her and so willing to do anything she wants.  I love watching them play an interact together, it makes my mama heart so full!

So this is the Crocker life happenings at this point!  I will try to be more faithful about blogging as I have TONS of ideas for when I have a little, and so many other things to share!

PS.  I want to do a giveaway to my amazing sister's etsy shop.  She has given me two necklaces for you to choose from!  More on this later on in the week!



  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you updated! I had been wondering what was going on with you two after I saw some recent Instagrams :) I love reading how God's taking care of you two. Looking forward to more updates! Excited for you!

  2. I love that you have become a coach and things are turning around for you guys. Glad that Mark found another job and I am praying for you guys and for this adoption to go through. Your going to make such an amazing momma!