February 06, 2016

guilty pleasures anyone?

Guilty pleasures are wonderful, no?  Here are a few of mine :

Backstreet Boys.

Lady Gaga (seriously, why is bad romance just a great song to dance to in the shower?!).

Gossip Girl.

knitting (duh)

pictures of babies and / or most kid related items.

cooler ranch doritos - Coach G$, can I have room in my macros for these PLEASE?!

any cookie that doesn't contain nuts - bleh.

anything gold / glittery.

what are your guilty pleasures?


  1. All the tea ever.
    80s action movies.
    Boozy cupcakes.
    Purple mascara.

    1. BOOZY CUPCAKES?????
      I need one of whatever those are.
      And purple mascara. I think Emelia would LOVE it on me :)

    2. There's a company called High Spirited Cupcakes here in phoenix, and their cupcakes are divine.
      The mascara is Bad Gal "Plum" and I get it at Sephora