February 04, 2016

Back at it?

I always have great blogging ideas when I'm driving, or in the shower, doing dishes, running a load of laundry.

You know. Blogging in my head because I have no where to write it down. Then I get to my computer or notepad to jot something down and BAM. It's gone.

What? Ugh.

Anyway, these last few months have been great. Hard. Unbearable at times. I know it has been exactly what it is supposed to be.

I have :
-Visited Chicago
-Purchased our first home
-Started flexible dieting
-Made some amazing knit goods
-Lost some friends
-Made some new friends
-Started piecing together who I am supposed to be..
A great wife. A great mother. A great friend.

This morning I got in a yelling match with my 5 year old (seriously.) and after 10 minutes in the car, completely silent and both of us fuming (duh) (oh and I was still fighting with her in my head because I know out loud would just be bad) it was time for me to apologize. This is not how I want her to talk to her daughter someday, or her husband, or her best friend. I made sure she knew it wasn't her job to make me happy and that I didn't have that expectation from her. I told her that her job was to be a happy little girl who was learning how to be a great woman of God and apologized for yelling. She was completely happy to forgive me and snuggle it out and we were both able to relax and have a great rest of the day. PHEW!

Praying that tomorrow starts better and ends just as well, and that maybe I'll write down a few of my blogging ideas (and maybe even take a photo or two)!

Cheers to getting back to writing.

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