January 04, 2010

making a story.

First thing first, I am NOT a writer. I am not blogging because I have a good story to tell, or because I think people are interested in reading about my life and certainly not because I can write well. I decided to blog because this year God is making me a better story, and I never want to forget what I was and would always be without Him. God is the only constant in my life, yet I daily forget Him. I have lived for me everyday of my life, but it has only brought me emptiness, sadness and a want for more. More of the things that will only bring me back to the same place that I started from, back to pain, lies and a heart of lonliness. But I see God sitting next to me with His hand on mine, giving me hope and pouring His love into my heart, because He wants me to be happy, and knows what it will take. Everyday of my life will now start with the sincere prayer of Luke 22:42a, "not my will, but Yours be done." There is nothing I want more from this life on earth but to know God more, to live everyday knowing He will be providing for me, and to share His love and the sacrifice He made for each of us that choose Him above all else.

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