May 06, 2011

i get to be a stay at home wife.. 4 days a week :)

LOVE my stay at home wife days.  I get so stinking much done!  Well, all past 10 am usually, before 10 is my i'm home all alone and want to do whatever I want before I start my wifely duties time.  So that lately has been consisting of me sitting on the couch, playing Tiny Wings on my phone while watching old Grey's Anatomy.  Do you know how much better the old Grey's is?  Its sickening really how bad this new stuff is, but I can't help but watch it anyway...its an addiction.  A very sad pathetic addiction. 

Anyway, I have Tuesdays and Thursdays to be a stay at home wife (along with Saturday and Sunday), and once I get started cleaning / organizing / doing, I really can't be stopped.  Yesterday I pretty much cleaned the entire house and drove to McMinnville AND gave my husband a not so great haircut.  I vow to never do it again, but he thinks I can only get better...We'll see.  It took about 2.5 hours for me to do it, his normail haircut is barely half an hour. 

But I love being at home, making sure everything looks nice for when Mark comes home.  I love feeling like I accomplished something and that I was useful.  :)

This weekend Mark and I plan on going to Coos Bay to visit a little bit for Mothers day.  Being married and having parents that live in the same town is super tricky though, because we both want to spend time with our families, and our families want to spend time with us, but we don't have enough time to spend down there.  Blah, it makes my head hurt to think about.  It also makes me slightly nauseous.  ick.   I hope everyone has an enjoyable Mothers Day weekend!

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