June 07, 2011

worst decision maker ever.

Thats me!  I can't ever make up my mind. 
And I'm kind of unmotivated to work at this point in my life...so thats a bummer too.  So my first week of working full time didn't go so well, and last week I put in my two weeks notice.  No more Finnmark (phew!).  This Friday the 10th is my last day, and then I'll be on the job hunt, for something part time & that is loads of fun.  I realize jobs aren't usually loads of fun, but I'm pretty sure that if I can find one that at least has happy people there, and its something that I can get a discount on items that I love,THEN it will be worth it :) 

My awesome husband has been super extremely supportive during my work issues, it makes me love him even more.  He doesn't want me to work somewhere that makes me unhappy (neither does Steve-dad so thats awesome too!). 

Anyway, lets hope I find something before the end of June so that we can pay bills and eat and stuff like that :)

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