June 29, 2011

Something to cross off my list!!

I have GREAT news!  I actually did something to cross off my list!  And a few little things, but I'm mostly excited about the big thing!   I made jam!  Well, Joellen and I made it together, a few different types and ways, but it was fun, exciting and time consuming.   First, Joellen and I went and picked our own strawberries over at the Janzen Farms u-pick in McMinnville.  We spent about an hour and a half and got 28 POUNDS!   At .50 cents a pound!!   The best deal you will ever get!

It took about 1.5 hours, it smelled like a farm and we got a few bug bites, but so worth it. We got the berries home, and formulated our plan. Freezing some whole berries, freezing some sliced berries and jamming. We made several types of jam, regular strawberry freezer jam with pectin, gelatin jam-strawberry blue flavored & strawberry lemon flavored and lastly,  strawberry jam canned, I don't have to keep it in the freezer!

There were 12 cans total, I'll probably have to give some away because Mark and I honestly don't eat that much jam.   Anyway, it was an awesome sisterly day, and full of yumminess!  So glad I did it with my sister, it would have been lonely all by myself!   If you have any questions or want a recipe, let me know!!

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