July 04, 2011

Happy 4th!!

Today has been great, sleeping in, my husband made (and cleaned up!) breakfast and we wondered around downtown Portland for a while!  We exchanged a gift from kitchen kaboodle, bought a new knife, (threw out our whole block set!) bought salt and pepper grinders and found me a cute $13.99 sweater from Urban Outfitters.  We also tried some food cart deliciousness! But I was so hungry that I ate it all and forgot to take photos :(. Oh well!

We are going to a BBQ later and I hope they have some yummy dessert! It's all I've been wanting lately!! I found this awesome cake that will be on next years agenda!

Also, just as an update on my 26 list, Mark and I have done a ton of walking lately! Too bad it doesn't seem to make a difference on the size of my hips!!  I've also finished up one blanket for my friend Asena, who is due in mid-July with a boy.

Lastly, blogstalking is definitely my most favorite thing ever!  Today, I found the cutest little gal named Elsie.  I stole a photo that I thought was just darling, she has the most awesome tattoos of spools of different color thread!  I love it!

And this dress is just too amazing to NOT repost.  It's from Anthropology, you can find it here.

I hope you all had an amazing day / long weekend!


  1. Isn't Elsie THE BEST?! I love love love her blog. You should go back through the last month of posts, she just got married and had the coolest wedding. I mean, ever little detail was awesome. Yay for crossing some things off your list!

  2. I love Elsie's blog and her awesome store that she owns.. She is so crafty and creative. Andrew knows her hubby and I know her from when we lived in Springfield, Missouri.