July 20, 2011

Just an update!

I don't have anything good to share today, just wanted to give a little life update! My new job at the salon is going wonderfully! Still learning but having fun :). Yesterday I got my hair colored, I'm a total blonde bombshell :). Today we are cutting it so I'll post pictures later this week of it! We will also be doing a keratin treatment to strengthen it and straighten it out a bit, I am so incredibly ready to not have uber curly hair anymore!! I also just decided to help Jen out by watching Bubba one day a week again, yay! I'll start that next week. Other than those few things, not much has been happening, Mark has been sick, I tried making scones and I finished one baby blanket and started another. Oh, and I'm 15 days behind on my Bible in 90 days, so it might be more like the bible in 105 days :)

Have a great week!!

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