May 14, 2012

Home Alone

Yesterday was husbands and my last full day in Portland together. We ate a delicious breakfast, did some packing and headed downtown for shopping! With Marks new job he needs some more professional workwear, starbucks was all black pants and black shirts, so we were really excited to go shopping! We ate lunch at Cafe Yumm which they don't have in Olympia, and then headed home, stopping to take a photo on the Hawthorne bridge.

Today he packed up clothes for the week and took off to start his first day at work. He only works until Thursday, then Friday we head to Eugene to watch my baby sister in her last ever district track meet! By the way, this awesome baby sister of mine (who is 18,what??!) made the U of O dance team yesterday!! I'm so proud and can't wait to watch her dance!
Anyway, Saturday we pack up and take off for our new home, it still is so surreal! I can't wait to share pictures of our new home!

Have a great week!!


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