May 16, 2012

Gratitude: 10 things

1. My husband and everything he does for us. Providing, cooking and cleaning when needed, and rubbing my poor shoulders when I ask nicely ;)

2. A coffee shop less than a mile from my house.

3. Sunny, warm and slightly breezy days.

4. A forgiving loving God.

5. That I'm never worried about our finances. Husband does a remarkable job with our budgets. We don't have a ton of money or anything, but I know God and Mark are totally on top of it which makes me stress free!

6. My four sisters. I could say so much about each of them, but I'm just going to say I'm grateful to have them at all.

7. Books / Libraries / Powells.

8. Our giant {king} bed.

9. My dishwasher that helps me not look like a lazy wife ;)

10. Love & Love notes with fresh flowers attached.

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