May 24, 2014

Proud Mommy.

Ladies and gents-  I AM A MOTHER. 

I tell this tiny person stories and that I love her.
I tell her to remember to wash her hands, and to hold her cup with two hands.
We make our Minnie's hug and kiss and we watched The Croods the other night.
I got to watch her ride her new bike with her daddy and heard her ask her daddy sweetly to help with her bath. 

My heart is so full and so happy.  My husband is the greatest daddy I have seen, he loves her and is gentle, he tells her to listen to mommy, he helps her pick out her outfits in the mornings.  He loves playing in her new kitchen (thanks Grammy and poppa!). 

We have the best life, just packed full of Jesus' love for us.  I continue to pray that I will give birth to a child someday, but for now, my heart couldn't be happier with what God has blessed me with.  A husband who is an amazing dad, and a little girl who is such a sweetheart.

And guess what!  I can now be a mommy blogger ;) 


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