August 15, 2014

My BKR / Helping with Hydration!


Everyone knows how important HYDRATION is!  Well my BKR helps me stay on top of my water intake!  I absolutely LOVE my BKR bottle.  Its glass, so I'm never worried about any bpa's or other chemicals leeching into my water.  Its easy to carry around, because of the little handle on the lid, and the silicone sleeve makes it super grippy and easy to hold on to when your hands are full with children/groceries/starbucks/barbells.  PLUS its totally adorable and SO many celebs use it too :)

You can throw small chopped fruit in there if you want!  It won't ever stink up your bottle permanently like it would in a plastic water bottle!

See what I mean!  Its awesome!

Get your BKR at  They have a GAZILLION colors to choose from!

Also - some people struggle with getting their sleeve off and on for washing, if thats you HERE is a link to see how the founder of BKR does it!


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