August 14, 2014

Dear Unhappy Unmotivated Not very Fit Mom.

Dear Unhappy Unmotivated Not very Fit Mom,

Hi.  I know you.  I WAS you.  I got married and put on 20 pounds.  I didn't like myself and I wouldn't let anyone else get too close to me because they would see the real me...I didn't even know who the real me was anymore!

I hated public events!  None of my clothes fit me right.  I just wanted to eat ice cream every night and waffles every morning and thought I would always just be kinda fat.  I actually told my friends that I was just LAZY.

I know that you have no desire to work hard.  I didn't either.  Walking two miles a day 4 days a week did NOTHING for me.  I was tired of being worried that my husband didn't love me anymore, I was tired of being SO self conscious all the time, I wanted to be fit so that I wouldn't become obese during pregnancy, I wanted to be able to toss my kids in the air and catch them, I wanted to be able to hike more than 2 miles.  I wanted to be sexy.

So I sought out someone to help me and I found my partner for working out (my husband!).  I had a stomach-ache every time I went to the gym, I felt sick EVERY TIME for the first TWO MONTHS.  I cut out junk food.  I went mostly to the Paleo lifestyle.

IT WAS HARD.  I would even say that it SUCKED.

But.  Slowly. I started improving.  I got a little faster and I got a little stronger.  And you know what? My butt stopped jiggling as much.  So did my tummy!  I LOVED IT.  I wanted to lift heavier weights and run faster.  I measured myself every couple weeks, and each time there was even 1/8th of an inch gone I did a happy dance.  I kissed my husband!  I joined a life group!  I GOT A BEST FRIEND AGAIN.


I was dedicated to something - myself.  I found courage through God, who I had stopped asking for help.  He helped me SO MUCH.

Guess what!?  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Ask someone (me even!) to hold you accountable.  Find a gym community that you LOVE!  I couldn't have done all of this without Audacity.  Decide that you want to be happy and healthy again and then GO GET AFTER IT.

I promise, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


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