August 12, 2014

Name Change Game.


Since becoming a newlywed a lot has changed for me.  I gained weight and lost confidence.  I thought I wanted big things that weren't part of my being sane or joyful.

NOW I have found what I'm passionate about and I'm changing my blog officially to become more of who I am now, not who I was!

I want to help women who lost their confidence to be confident again!

I want to help YOU be the BEST YOU that YOU CAN BE.

I want to be able to share in joys and triumphs and loss and failures with you - keeping in mind that my JOY is found in The Lord, not in my body or in my family life or in the gym.

I hope you still want to be part of this life journey with me!

Comment below if you are interested in finding out more about my online training!  My online athletes have lost INCHES and already have gained an appreciation for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


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