August 17, 2016

the never-ending fitness goal struggle & how to get through it.

In August of 2015, I started my first month at Northwest Iron. I was SO nervous. I've only been a member of one other CrossFit gym (which I went to for 2 years!). I started off slow, getting to know people and coaches, and trying to find my place in the gym. I was LOW on the totem pole there, which was a tough transition from being one of the top-dogs at my previous gym. I was humbled daily, but more than that I was SO motivated by the strong powerful and fast women that surrounded me in each workout.

I started a nutrition plan in November and I just KNEW that I would immediately start hitting my goals, and turning into a lean-mean-CrossFitting-machine. Fast forward to January and there I was, crying every day and super stressed out because I wasn't doing ANYTHING better. Sure, I had lost a few pounds and a few inches, but I didn't feel anywhere NEAR close to doing better during a wod, or hitting any bigger numbers in my lifts.

One day some of the trainers and I were hanging out and started talking about 'so and so' who was just really amazing and I just started crying (because I obviously felt NOT amazing). I was so embarrassed. A friend tried to help by reminding me that everyone's road and everyone's story is different. My road has a few more twists and turns that this other person's didn't and that is FINE, thats GOOD even. It just means we work hard/er and maybe more than others, it seems like it sucks, but in the long run it would pay off. 

Later that day, I was sitting at home crying (seriously I was really upset) and I texted my trainer that I felt like I just totally sucked at CrossFit and I was so frustrated that I wasn't getting any better. She was SOOOO encouraging. She said that she sees a lot of potential in me and that I need to really take a step back and figure out WHAT my goals are, so that I had something to focus on. She told me to come to the gym the next day with a list of things I wanted to be able to do and we would go over it together. She took the time to sort them out, which goals were strength goals, gymnastics goals and conditioning goals. Then we sat down and she told me which goals were close and really realistic for the next few months and told me what I could do to start on those. My first one was pistol squats. She gave me exercises to do to work on them (along with some strength exercises that G$ had given me). I did A LOT of work on them at home, in the evenings at home, weekends, days I already went to the gym...It was really good for me to have something specific to do and say to myself, "if I keep doing this I WILL get a pistol squat". And then two weeks later - I could actually do them! Then the next week, I hit a bigger number on my snatch than I even wanted! A few days ago, I hit another goal - a bar muscle up! Now, my confidence is back up, and I'm working even harder than I was before.

I just wanted to pass this along so that you knew, it's okay to struggle. I struggled for weeks thinking I wasn't improving and I wasn't good enough, but writing out my goals and knowing I had someone believing in me helped a TON. Getting specific with your goals is VERY important. I look at my list at least once a week, to make sure I am working towards at least one thing on there. 




PS. I'm still doing flexible dieting and still having MAJOR progress. My weight is staying the same, and I am seeing HUGE jumps in my PRs - I'll post more on that later!


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