August 19, 2016

What Can Your Body do for YOU.

A lot of women come into the gym wanting to be thinner, to look more lean and be toned.  These are all nice things.
More than your body LOOKING a certain way, I want to encourage you to start looking at WHAT your body can DO.
How well does your body move? Can you pick up your kids after a long day at work? Do you have the energy to go for a walk in the evenings with your husband after dinner? Are you able to make it through a 3 mile hike on the weekends?

If you are shaking your head and a little embarrassed, DON'T BE!  We all have found ourselves there at some point, and NOW is your time to start turning it around.

Find a gym, a trainer, a nutrition coach to help guide you to being healthier. Find out what your body is capable of and look in the mirror and be PROUD of what your body can do.

My body can SQUAT, it can PICK UP my child, it can walk for MILES.

Go and find out what your body is capable of, I bet you will surprise yourself!


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