September 29, 2016

Did weightlifting make me bulky?!

As a woman who LOVES lifting weights, clients often tell me that they aren't interested in looking 'bulky'. A few weeks ago I even had a client tell me she was concerned about her friend who had been lifting weights at the gym and looked like she was gaining weight from it (insert HUGE eyeroll). 

Let me be very clear when I tell you that unless your plan is to bulk up -

In fact, lifting weights helps your bone strength through something called the Mechanostat Theory. It tells us that our bones are always adapting to what we are exerting daily, so if you aren't active and using your muscles often then your bone density slowly gets weaker because they don't have much that they are working to do. The more you lift weights and add muscle to your body, the more your bones are working and supporting and the bone mass will adapt.

We all know that as you age, your body will lose muscle mass (1-2% a year after 30 if you aren't keeping up on it!). 

It is SO vital to our bodies to stay active and lift weights or be moving SOMETHING around at least 5 days a week! The more and more I study the human body and how it is affected by things the more passionate I become to help people understand why living a healthy life doesn't just mean eating salad instead of bread, it means moving - doing what God created our bodies to do! 

Me- 30 years old. I lift weights 3-5 days a week. 
An EXTREMELY classy bathroom selfie --- not bulky!


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