October 17, 2016

Disney Birthday for the BIG 3-0!!!

I turned 30.

I started a whole NEW decade!

I decided to kick it off in the happiest place on earth!  DISNEYLAND!!! I harassed my sisters and forced them all to go spend a ton of money with me in SoCal and had an amazing time. Here is just a few pictures to get me through another month of no longer being at Disney *insert extreme sad face*.

I'm so grateful to have 4 sisters who love me enough to spend their time (and money!) coming all the way down to California to celebrate with me.

We spent the whole day Friday (my birthday) in Disney and then Saturday we spent hanging out around Huntington Beach, getting mani-pedi's and eating AMAZING breakfast burritos from Nick's in Seal Beach.

30 is going to be a great, great decade.


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