December 12, 2016

DIY Laundry Detergent!


I'm not really a 'DIY'er. It's not so much my thing. I'm not very good at following recipes and generally if someone says 'Hey - do this...'  I say 'YOU do that'.

I put aside my contempt of being told what to do and researched a bunch of different laundry detergent options. I kind of mixed a few of them up and yesterday made my first batch!

I decided to just do one load worth at a time because I didn't want to make a big amount and then hate it.

Here is the recipe I used -

4 tbsp Dr. Bronners Castille soap - baby - unscented
1/4 cup Borax
1/4 cup Super Washing Soda
4 drops YL Purification Essential Oil
4 drops YL Lemon Essential Oil
4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Just dump each item into the washer with your clothes!

and you guys - I almost died and went to laundry detergent heaven when that washer stopped and I smelled those freshly washed clothes. Mmmm. So fresh and so clean, clean.

I'll probably only put the Borax in when I wash stinky workout clothes, just to get out that extra grime.

Next I'll tell you guys about my DIY Dryer Sheets because I am having SO MUCH FUN getting my house toxin free.



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