December 22, 2010

forgetting to blog.

Geez, I'm now too busy doing every single thing you can imagine, that I keep forgetting to blog.  And by every single thing you can imagine, I mean work, planning a wedding, preparing for marriage and trying to stay sane.  Not that those things are making me insane, I think its just a personality disorder that us Boatright ladies have. :)  Okay, not a disorder...more yes, its a disorder.  Although my insanity has not yet caused my Mark (or Joellen's Mark) to go insane also, so please don't worry about catching the disease.
Work is still sucky.
Wedding planning is still somewhat stressful.
On a brighter note, the whole Boatright clan got together in McMinnville this past Sunday, it was so much fun!  We ate desserts, drank tasty stuff, opened gifts, and the 11 of us all got to be together.  The next day the 5 Boatright girls went dress shopping for the perfect bridesmaids dress...and we found it!  I'm not disclosing any photos of them, but needless to say, we are stoked!  The color is amazing and all of the sisters felt good in the dress, yay!  (Nicole too, but unfortunately she is in Chicago and couldn't come with us).  

Okay, hopefully there will be a better post later this week!  

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. You are quickly running out of week girl!

    It's awesome that you're family got together, I'm sure it's difficult with that many of you (also awesome that the insanity hasn't worn off on the Marks - someone has to keep you girls in check!)

    And Woo! for bridesmaid dresses everyone likes (those can be so hard to find!)

    Hopefully you get some time to relax this weekend, what with the holiday and all.

    Merry Christmas!