December 11, 2010


yikes!  this week has gone by so stinking fast, I even missed my fill in the blank friday!  there is constantly something happening now that Mark and I are engaged, people want to hang out, wedding plans need to be made, Grumpy Tracy takes over Awesome Tracy's know, things that happen to every bride-to-be.  BUT, after all that, we actually accomplished a TON this week.  

For example :
-We decided what exactly our invitations will say!
-We made a wedding budget (that is constantly being altered..regardless, its there.)
-We created a life budget for the two of us!
-We found the PERFECT spot to get married!
-And a pretty good reception spot!
-I tried on 30 wedding dresses, and found three I my Momma can get started on meshing them all together!
-My sister Joellen did our engagement photos (to see them, go to our website)
-We know what the gm's are wearing...

Okay, this is getting tiresome again...but needless to say, a lot of planning is being done!
Mark also made us a really awesome website that has our engagement photos and address of the venue and such.  There is also a button to donate to our honeymoon (cough, cough).  We have no idea where we are going, or if we will actually be able to go yet, because most of the money we have available is going towards the wedding.  We may just put off the honeymoon until the summer, so we can have a few more months to save up for a super awesome trip!  Here is the web address -

Also, I have been making sure to workout every morning (except Thursday and Sundays, because I have to wake up early those days!)..and I'm working on my water intake and eating habits :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Oh, and I love comments, so tell me what your week has been like!!

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  1. YAY! So happy for you Tracy. You did get a lot done this week! All I did was manage to make it to work every day, host a gamenight/dog date and finish a revision of a novel. Hope you have a great weekend!

    I'm heading check out your website now :D