February 08, 2011

the new job.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but for 5 days now I've woken up at 6:09am (I know its very odd, its all Nicole's fault!)...and I like it.  I'm actually enjoying waking up super early.  Craziness!  I wake up, make some cereal and coffee and sit down and read my bible until about 7:30, then get ready for work, always with more extra time to do my morning blog-stalking!  Its awesome :)  Then I go to work, get off at 5, and come home to Mark!  Yesterday I came home to dishes unloaded, bathroom tidied up, living room looking awesome...Um, I'm about to marry the most amazing man, he is so great! 
         I guess all this was leading up to me telling you about my new job.  Its not that exciting, but in the last week and a half, I've changed only ONE diaper (yay!).  So far I've just been doing a lot of filing, learning and trying to get the other receptionist caught up on paperwork piling up on her desk.  I think once I have actual responsibilities of my own it will get a little more exciting, but I like the redundancy of sitting at my desk everyday, knowing where everything is, and I love the organizing paperwork and filing everything exactly where its supposed to be. Yay for new job!
         In more news, we had our second session of pre-marital counseling, and it went great.  Mark and I both left feeling like we had both been completely honest about everything we talked about, and that we covered some good issues.  Our pastor A.J. Swaboda (who will be marrying us) has been doing the counseling with us, and he is always super encouraging.  Before we leave he always tells us how much he believes in our marriage and just how great of a couple he thinks we are...I love hearing that :) 
          More wedding talk....This weekend is my bridal shower in Coos Bay, I'm reallllly excited and a tad bit nervous...Just thinking that all those people are getting together just for me makes me feel strange, like I don't deserve it and holy crap I have to be the center of attention for a few hours!  But it should be fun, hopefully there will be cake and punch or something, and that will make me happy!  Next weekend is my Portland bridal shower, the week after that is Mark's bachelor party, then the next weekend is my bachelorette party, and then the next weekend...is our wedding!  Then Hawaii!  Then married life!  I can't wait to snuggle up with Mark every night!  Only 32 days and 6 hours left!  Eeeek!
         Thanks for reading all my babbling, I hope you guys are all doing great and having a good week so far!  

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  1. Wow! That seems so soon! Congrats, it's flying by. Glad things are going smoothly in all aspects of your life. :D