February 24, 2011

thank you mat kearney.

for writing a great song that my almost husband and i will have our first dance to :)

not too much has been happening lately.  just work, wedding planning...the regular stuff (my regular is going to be so much different after the wedding!!).  

i've found that if i listen to podcasts on my drives to and from work, i don't get as stressed over traffic, so i've been listening to a lot of Matt Chandler from the Village church in Texas.  he is one of my favorite teachers...he always seems to talk about something that is relevant to me, which is great that the Bible is relevant to my life ;) anyway, he did a series on Colossians last year, and i'm listening to those...which is actually super awesome because my first term of Bible college was ALL ABOUT Colossians.  i can't wait to get through the entire thing.  i've also been working on reading the Bible beginning to end.  i don't think i've read much of the old testament, but so far i love it (in Numbers now).  i can't wait to have read it all and then start again!

oh!  i should post about my bridal showers!

two weeks ago i had my shower in Coos Bay, thrown by my mom, Mark's mom and their mutual friend (and someone i've known for quite some time) Brenda.  it was SO great.  there were more ladies there than i expected and i had some of my high school friends there, along with two of my sisters!  we ate, played games and opened embarrassing presents.  i'm sad i don't get one of these every year!

last week i had my shower in Portland.  it was a tea party theme, and my sister Joellen threw it for me at my friend Asena's house.  it was awesome, i got a ton of cute floral tea cup and saucers, along with a beautiful tea set and a bunch of awesome gifts from all the lovely ladies that attended.  

only 16 days until the wedding!!


  1. It's awesome that those podcasts are not only relevant to your life, but also help keep you calm!

    And it's awesome that Joellen threw you a teaparty themed bridal shower! I had a tea party last weekend as well :) Sadly it wasn't an excuse to recieve gifts though :/

    16 DAYS! So excited for you. Congrats in advance if I havent already said it.

    (also, my captcha was "ringa" which I feel is appropriately wedding themed.)