February 19, 2011

one day at a time.

oh man, the last few days have been rough.  my emotions have been all over the place.  i can't decide if its because of the birth control or because i'm getting married in 21 days or the stresses of a new job....okay, honestly it could be because of like one million things, so instead of just picking one lets just say there is a lot going on right now and it stresses me out and makes me grumpy.  poor Mark, sometimes we women can be just plain crazy.  BUT i don't want Mark to be worried that he is marrying a crazy person, so i have to start trying harder to not have worries, because worrying is NOT good for the soul.  its makes a person insecure and unsure about everything.  every tiny little thing that could go wrong then turns into a huge fiasco, and all for nothing.  fiascos do absolutely nothing. 

okay, so my resolve is to let go and not sweat the small things. 
sheesh.  it even sounds hard right now ;) 
have a good weekend guys!

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