April 05, 2011

the best part about being mrs. crocker...

is obviously that I'm married to mr. crocker :)

and that mr. crocker seriously rocks life.  last week was a bad week, and on Friday my loving, handsome, amazing husband brought me home flowers (all pink and purple!).  also, he makes me dinner on days that he is home before me, he almost never says no when I ask for something, and he is seriously good-looking :)  

he is the most dependable man that I know, and he really cares about everyone he knows...he hates when i'm angry and always tries to fix it right away.  he is always helping around the house and is REALLY good at chores!  

he tells me i'm beautiful all the time, he lets me rant about my day for as long as it takes for me to get it out of my system, he doesn't bug me about my messy desk (even though I know it bothers him!), and he really really truly loves me when i'm dorky.  actually i think he likes me best when i'm dorky :)  

anyway, i just wanted to say that i love my husband more than anything in the world for all of the reasons above and SO much more.

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