April 01, 2011

i'm a wife!

        Can you believe that I am actually a wife?  A wife to the most amazing man in the whole world (for me, I understand that you other ladies are also married to the most amazing man in the world for you).   Being married is...hard to describe.  I love that now I come home to my man everynight, and when we say goodnight, its not staring out the door as Mark walks away, its snuggled up in bed all cozy together.  I have SO much to blog about...I doubt that I'll ever be able to talk about it all.  Here is my "to blog about" list.
-  The last few weeks before the wedding.
-  The morning of the wedding (it makes my stomach flip just thinking about it!!).
-  The big event.
-  The day after!  And the honeymoon in Hawaii.
-  Going back to work after the Honeymoon.  Some people call this real life.

I really really really want to just spend hours blogging about all of this stuff, but unfortunately I'm on my break at work, and I have to get back to the grind.  So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to write about more and even post a few photos!  Yay!!!

How are all of you guys doing?!

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  1. Well, the night before last I had a dream that some guy proposed to me. It was really awkward, and I felt super bad for him, but... I don't know. I guess it was because I'm already married. He proposed in front of hundreds of people and I had to look down at the rings already on my finger and be like, "Ummm...Sorry?" So that's what's new with me.

    Definitely hit me up on facebook or email. Fo shizzle.