August 18, 2011

Happy Colors.

Bright colorful things have been making me smile so much lately!  I just thought I'd share a few from the last few days!

I edited both of these photos in instagram, my most favorite photo app.  Its so basic and simple, easy to use, but has some awesome features AND you get to share your photos and see all of your friends!  

BTW, I bought my first 'crazy' clothing purchase last week, emerald green pants!  I love them!  A big shout out to Sarah over at girlcrush for the inspiration and to my husband Mark for allowing me to wear something outside of the box :)

Whats making you smile these days?!


  1. I see you also got some of those gold bangles huh? Looks cute :)

  2. Sweet pants. I've been wanting some peachy/coral skinnys but I'm not buying clothes right now. I have way too many to justify buying more, at least until I get a few holes in what I have.