August 20, 2011

My favorite parts of this week!

Quinn & Elliot (AJ not shown).  Love that she birthed a happy healthy little boy and had a great time visiting them in the hospital!

Finally packaging up Naomi's birthday / thank you for helping so much at the wedding gift!  Excited to do something fun with a dreary old paper bag!  (inspiration from Julia)

Last but not least, receiving these awesome stamps in the mail!  Jordan over at Trailer Gypsy has a bunch of stamp sets that she is selling, for a good price!  I loved these ones, and after I paid the invoice she sent them to me right away!  She also added a few little getting started items!  Thank you so much Jordan!  Looking forward to crafting more!

What were your favorite parts of the week!?


  1. Yay, I'm glad you got them. New babies are so fun. Congrats to your friends.

  2. LOVED the package! The scarf is perfect and I was super excited about the candlestick holders too! Plus, the package was adorable - I'm going to have to spice up my dreary old paper bag wrapping from now on too. :) LOVE YOU!