October 15, 2011

baby on the brain.

this is nothing unusual for me tho, i always have babies on the brain.
these are just some amazingly cute pinterest finds.

i LOVE the twin photos!  aaaahhhh, i can't wait for my turn to have babies!

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  1. The moccs on the right look like they were made by Susan. She writes an awesome blog based out of Utah called Freshly Picked. Her moccs are worn by celeb babies, so stylin'.

  2. so cute! all things babies are cute! my friends own an adorable kids clothing line : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vann-Liv/122968894433662 if you want to check it out.


  3. Ahhh, it's all about the mini everything! Love those teeny tiny little moccasins! xoxo

  4. I do too! It's a constant thing on the brain, actually... Dang pinterest!

    And, thanks for finding my blog! I love yours as well :]

  5. Cuteness! Every time I see a cute baby or a cute baby thing, I ask my husband if we can have a baby. But then whenever I'm overwhelmed with life, I'm so thankful that we don't have kids yet : ) I'm so back and forth!