October 19, 2011

Portland public transit.

Any of you ride the bus or max where you live? Since I got my job at The Bob Shop downtown I've been riding the bus to or from work (most days Mark will either drop me off or pick me up). Today I was telling my husband about the normal person who sat next to me on the bus today. He was holding Stumptown coffee, reading a book and smelled completely normal! It was fabulous! 
 Which made me recall all the weird / gross things that have happened the last 3.5 months.

 -Standing next to a pile of vomit 
-Seeing an old Asian lady pull out her top and bottom set of teeth and then spit on them
 -Stinky stinky feet 
-Teenage boy dancing & lip syncing while sitting next to me 
-Getting hit in the head repeatedly by the guy standing next to me 
-Old black guy talking very loudly about how my white ancestors enslaved his ancestors and how it's still happening today 

 Despite all my weird encounters, the Portland transit is really great. A bus stops at my stop every ten to fifteen minutes, they have handicapped capabilities and always have a good temperature going on in the bus. The buses run to sooo many different areas, and it's really easy to get bus times :)

 Have you had anything crazy happen on the bus/train/max?

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  1. lol and gross! public transportation is definitely interesting and great all at the same time!