January 15, 2013


Hey guys!

I know that I have mentioned before my love of knitting, how fun it is to figure new things out and how amazing it is that with two sticks and some yarn you can create some truly awesome things! Well, I decided to put my love out there for other people to see, favorite and purchase on etsy! My shop name is KnitPurlStitch and I have also got my own URL : www.knitpurlstitch.com, it just kicks you automatically over to my shop.

I'm daily just working away, and will be adding more and more each week as I finish up some product! It's so exciting to see how many people are looking at my items, even people I don't know adding them to their favorites! Here is a quick peek at some items already posted, and a few that will be posted later this week :)

I hope to see you around my shop!


  1. You should make a page that will take people directly to your shop from here.

    1. Thanks Amy! I tried, I guess I need to try again :) :)

  2. I LOVE these! I love everything. My favorite it the hat with the bug pom pom on the top. You are so talented! :)

  3. Super cute!!!!!! I LOVE knitting! Your things are wonderful.

  4. Love the first heaband ^^