January 18, 2013

New Path!

I am loving everything CrossFit right now ya'll, I seriously cannot workout enough, or hard enough! I'm always trying to see where in the workout I could have gone harder or faster or pushed 'I can't' out of my head instead of letting it sit there for a while. It feels awesome to be in shape again, to say I'm almost back to the athlete I once was!

I'm not losing any more on the scale, I've capped out at 11.5 pounds gone, but I can see my muscles tightening up a little more each week! I'm definitely gaining muscle weight! Over the next few weeks my trainer Cody is officially starting to get the box he's running up and going, and oh man...he asked me if I would like to coach! There is a lot I have to do to get there, but the fact that he thinks I can do it feels amazing! I couldn't be more excited to start running down this new life path, to actually have a career goal like this-it's one of the best feelings! CrossFit Audacity people!

I forgot to tell you about the results of this day. It turned out awesome, we got there and we're getting all pumped up when he broke the news to us, we were actually going to be doing the workout TWICE! But I killed it with 9:30 the first round and 11:30 my second round (my previous time was 13:27 for just one round!). And its been like this with every workout that we've repeated, always at LEAST a 4 minute PR (personal record). And I can do about 30 unbroken double unders now! Big jump for me!

Here's just a little motivation for you and if you live near by, email me about our crossfit box!

Images all via my Pinterest board!


  1. You go girl. I tried it once and wanted to DIE!!! Maybe do a little for me next time. :) And everyone is making me feel so much better today!! LOL. Glad I got it off my chest! ;)

  2. I love Zumba and Yoga, but crossfit is a bit to much for me :) I'm glad you enjoy it through :)

  3. You would be an awesome coach! You are a great encourager and would be terrific at motivating other people - so proud of you!

  4. I think it is awesome that you are doing this! We have a couple Crossfit gyms by our house and my husband keeps talking about wanting to do it! It looks so hard to me!!