June 02, 2014

Achieving my Goals.

Last week I told you I would share my goals with you guys, so - here are my goals for the rest of this year :

To be more Christlike in every aspect of my life.
-I want to be like Christ not only at home to my husband and daughter, but also to my clients in the gym and everyone I encounter.  To better do this I am setting up reading goals for myself and making time in my day to spend a good 30 minutes with God.  Some days this might mean praying for 30 minutes, other days it might mean sitting and listening to Him speak to me.

Having as much fun as possible with my daughter and husband.  
-To me this means spending as much time as possible with my family.  I'm not going to stress out about if the dishes are done and the laundry is folded, I just want to bond with my family in a deeper way and great memories and love and friendships that will last a lifetime!  This one doesn't really have any sort of timeline, but a daily priority now.

Back-squat 2x body weight (right now that would be about 250#, my current back-squat is 210#) and to be able to do butterfly pull-ups consistently during a workout.  
-This is both very specific and very measurable.  To achieve this I will be spending 10 minutes each training day on improving pull-up strength and skill work on the butterfly specifically.  To improve grip strength I'm going to do most of this skill work without gymnastics chalk!  I haven't picked a specific squat training plan yet, I need to consult with my coach on which will be the best for me to get where I want!

All these things are end of year goals, but I will keep you updated on the process and how everything is coming along!  I hope you had fun thinking about your goals and coming up with some new ideas on how to accomplish what you want!



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